PP-R Swap Brings Plant Room Savings

We saved the contractor an impressive 71% materials cost when he went for the PP-R swap we recommended for this plant room job.

PP-R Plant Room InstallationThe original specification was to use MDPE Pressure Pipe electrofusion, but we were able to advise on the suitability, and cost saving, of switching to PP-R.

The requirement was:

  • A header in 63mm dia. to connect water to each flat
  • 90mm dia. from the storage tank to the pump. Connections including isolation/strainer valves
  • 32mm dia. from the storage tank to the sprinkler system including isolation valves

In MDPE, as specified, materials would have cost £6,767.35.  In Wefatherm PP-R, the cost was just £1974.50 – a saving of 71%.

Plumbing subcontractor MDO Pipe Fitting Solutions came in and completed the job in just 2 days.

Our main involvement on this new build site of 9 apartments (11 bathrooms) in Deptford, London, was through merchant Professional Plumbing Supplies Limited who supplied all bathroom materials and the Wefatherm PP-R.

But, as always, we were delighted to add value with our knowledge and advice, resulting in a spectacular cost saving for the contractor.